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Older Blog/Updates

3D Rose

06/11/06: My second design gallery is up! I've made a 3d model of a rose that Keith gave me. The colour of the rose can be changed - I've shown it in red and white.

You can check out the Rose galllery here.


01/11/06: I was recently asked to help set up a website and forum for the NZ Youth Steering Committee for the International Polar Year. You can see the finished work here. Although I did not do the background designs and logos, I did pretty much everything else, ie. the css styling and the entire forum.

22/10/06: Have finally gotten around to adding some content to my pages! Up til now I've spent most of my time designing the layout and putting the forum together!


19/10/06: I've added another model to my 'Santa' collection. This one is on a snowboard! I have yet to animate it along with the skier.

17/10/06: I decided that my models should be viewed from more angles, so I've added some animated gifs of the models being orbited.


12/10/06: My first design gallery is up! I've made some 3d virtual models of some wooden toys I have on my desk and given them some life by animating them. But this isn't just your standard animation - it's 'physics-based' so it actually looks like realistic movement :) The first model I made is of a Santa on a swing. Using MATLAB I got him swinging as if on a real swing! The second model is a Santa on skis. I haven't animated him yet, but hopefully he'll be skiing down a slope soon :)

You can check out the Santa galllery here.

ElKeith Forum

10/10/06: The Elkeith.com forum is up and running! Go have a look at it and start posting - it's lots of fun! I'm going to link to it from my blog/updates when I want to say more than this space allows.

1/10/06: Elkeith.com is finally up and running. There is still a lot of work to be done, so keep a lookout for updates in the next few days. I've been busy working on the forum - should be ready to use in the next week or so :)