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Welcome to Elkeith Design!

On this site you'll find information and examples of my web and graphic design. I've been designing websites on and off for the past 6 years, but have really only gotten into it in the last 2 years. More recently I started exploring 3D looking models and vector graphics.

I'm still busy constructing my home page, so check back soon for more updates :)




ElKeith Photography

25/09/07: ElKeith Photography has a new look! The menu, including the kiwi, is now entirely in CSS, as is the home page - no more javascript :) Am still working on redesigning the rest of the site and fixing things that don't work in IE 6 yet (typical!). Also need to figure out the Opera bug in the galleries...

<empty>Beancounter Bookkeeping

15/06/07: Designed and installed for Beancounter Bookkeeping.

Stop Tenure Review!

15/06/07: Designed and installed for the Stop Tenure Review group, including forum. It is now managed by them.


20/05/07: Updated and tidied up the IPYYOUTH site. Re-did the CSS for the menus to include a sub menu. Designed 4 new themes, including the vector graphics for their backgrounds. You can check out the new looks at

Alpine Recreation

31/12/06: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The past 2 weeks have been very busy - packing up our flat in Dunedin, Keith flying up to Napier on the 19th, packing for Europe, and of course Christmas! I've spent most of the last week redesigning my parents web site and it's finally ready! Let's hope it'll work without too many hitches until I get back from Europe! You can check it out at

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